Summary of Izhar ul Haq by Rahmatullah al Kindi and extraction of methodologies used by the author

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  • Published: November 12, 2013
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In the course of history, Islam as a religion and as a religious community has come into contact with a number of other religions in the East and West. A great number of Muslim authors have written about other religions and their adherents. Judaism and Christianity have been a major focus of these scholars. In the modern period, the Muslim works on these two religions either stress the heavenly message brought by Moses and Jesus or the distortions introduced into it by the adherents. Of the Muslim writers who focused on the second approach is Maulana M. Rahmatullah Kairanvi. He wrote a number of treatises to prove that the text of the Bible is not a revelation. One of these is the book الحق اظهار (Demonstration of the Truth). The book was written in response to the Christian offensive against Islam in British India. The author has used his authoritative knowledge of the Jewish and Christian scriptures to demonstrate that the Bible cannot in any way be considered as a divine, revealed book. He has refuted Trinity with reason, and in the last part of the book demonstrated the authenticity of the Quran and the Prophet Hood of Muhammad PBUH.

The book has been internationally recognized as one of the most authoritative and objective studies of the Bible and has become a model for subsequent Muslim refutations of Christianity and especially its Scriptures. This assignment aims at a thorough and scientific study of Izhar ul Haq and extraction of the methodologies used by the author in his study of Christianity, its faith and scriptures. As per requirement of my instructor, respected Madam Darakhshan Azam, I have chosen first two chapters1 from the first part of the book and conducted a study on them. The assignment begins with a summary of the first and second chapters of the book, titled: بيان كتب العهد العتيق و الجديد

الفصل الاول: في بيان اسمائها و تعدادها الفصل الثاني: في بيان أن أهل الكتاب لا يوجد...
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