Summary of Hunger Games

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Summary of the Hunger Games
The book Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins, is a fictional story based in the future about an event in which cities (districts) participate annually by the coercion of the capitol. Two representatives, or tributes, are randomly selected each year to representative their district in this dreadful event. The plot is focused on a girl in her late-teens and her battles and struggles in the annual event, which is called the Hunger Games, or just the Games. The Hunger Games are characterized as an annual celebration in the capitol and reminder to the districts of the power in which the capitol holds over the twelve districts. But to the districts, the Games represent annual sacrifices of usually two of the poorest young men and women since more food is given to poor families if their teenage children are entered multiple times in the selection. The fact that only one survives out of the twenty-four tributes selected for the Games from twelve districts lead the families of the districts to perceive the selection for the Games as the selection for sacrifice.

Not every district believes that the Games are sacrificial. A few of the richer districts train tributes from a young age and during the last eligible year these tributes would volunteer for the Games and attempt to bring honour to their district. The capitol wants the districts to all think this way so that the chance of rebellions would be lessened. It is not a surprise to see this even in a fictional book, as often in history the central oppressive government would brainwash the people under its rulings and prevent them from having enough food and resources and satisfied quality living styles so that the occurrence of rebellious acts will diminish greatly.

The author Suzanne Collins depicts the characters mostly indirectly, as dialogues are prevalent in this story. The first person point of view from the main character Katniss is based almost exhaustively on personal...
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