Summary of "How to Win Friends and Influence People

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  • Published : September 8, 2012
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Randy Pittman
Professor Lenton
English 20
August 29,2012
Summary of "How to win friends and influence people"

In "How to win friends and influence people" the author Dale Carnegie describes how someones smile can have an effect on you. In one story he talks about a lady who inherits money. The lady wants to impress every body and show off her riches. She hadn't done anything to her face. Everyone thought she was sour and selfish. Another story talks about a baby's smile and how when the baby look at the guy and smiled the guy smiled back at the baby. Then he started a conversation with the lady about her son and grand kids. Then the whole waiting room joined in, in conversation with them. Professor James V. McConnell states that "'people who smile, tend to manage teach and sell more effectively, and to raise happier children. There's far more information in a smile than a frown. That's why encouragement is a much more effective teaching device then punishment'". Carnegie implies that "the effect of a smile is powerful - even when it is unseen". Another thing Carnegie considers is "you must have a good time meeting people if you expect them to have a good time meeting you". did a study on business people he ask them to smile at someone all day for a week. And he got a letter back from William B. Steinhardt and this is what he had to say. He was married for eighteen plus years and never smiled or spoke mean words to his wife. William stats "I was the worst grouches who ever walked down broadway". So he woke up one morning and will getting ready he told himself "bill, your are going to wipe the scowl off that sour puss of yours today. You are going to smile. And your going to begin right now". So he go to sit for breakfast and greets the wife good morning and smiles. The wife was shocked. He said that he will be keeping it up every morning. The change of attitude he felt brought home more happiness in his home and in...
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