Summary of How the Atoms Have Changed Throughout the Years?

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Summary of how the atoms have changed throughout the years?

One of the first founders of the idea of atoms was called Democritus, which was in 430 BC. He argued that there were an infinite number of different types of atoms. They were all different shape however they were made from the same stuff. He describes atoms as indivisible particles and also explained certain natural occurrences such as the existence of elements. Atomos (in ancient Greek) means “that which cannot be further broken down into smaller pieces” This was Democritus idea of atoms

Then came along Aristotle the most influential Greek philosopher, who didn’t agree with Democritus idea of atoms in fact he dismissed the atomic idea as worthless. He believed that everything on earth consists of four elements: earth, air, water and fire. He also believed that the sun, moon and the stars moved in a unchanging perfect circles and we made of a divine substance not found on earth called “aether”.

While Democritus saw the world as being made of only one type stuff, divided into lots of different shaped atoms, in empty space. However Aristotle saw the universe being made of five different elements and didn’t believe the idea of atoms and empty space. Other people also considered Aristotle opinions very important and people started having the same opinions. For more than 2000 years well into the seventeenth century nobody continued the exploration of which the Greeks had started, not until the early 1800’s did people start questioning the structure of matter. In the 1800’s an English chemist, John Dalton perfumed various chemicals that showed that they seem to consist of elementary lumpy particles (atoms). He also found out that atoms were little balls that couldn’t be broken into smaller parts. He also established that atoms seemed to combine in small whole number ratios. A while after in 1897, an English physicist J.J. Thomson discovered the electron and proposed a model of the...
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