Summary of Hot, Flat, & Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman

Topics: World population, Global warming, Sustainable energy Pages: 11 (3828 words) Published: May 21, 2013
Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution-And How It Can Renew America Author: Thomas L. Friedman

Thesis Statement:
Hot, Flat, & Crowded by Thomas L. Friedman was published by FSC Mixed Sources in the year 2008. This book is a diagnosis of Friedman’s three major challenges facing the world and the United States. Also he includes perceptions for how the United States can cure these problems. Friedman especially specializes on focusing on the greatest challenge of which is global warming. He then also argues that the United States can solve its own problems and help the entire planet, by becoming a world leader in green technology. Global warming, global flattening, and global crowding are the three main elements leading up to the five big problems which are energy supply and demand, petrodictatorship, climate change, energy poverty, and biodiversity loss.

Global Warming~Hot:
Global warming is the problem. There’s nothing to it plain and simple. "The idea that the world is becoming “hot” which is an issue for the world as a whole." This is where Friedman believes that global warming could actually be a potential source of salvation for the United States, that green energy will be the next major advancement in global economies. The need for renewable energy technology and for technologies that will reduce the need for energy will increase substantially. This is where Friedman and I have the same idea that whichever country dominates the development and production of green technology will become or remain the strongest country in the world, now this is economically speaking. Friedman also hopes that the United States will develop a national strategy that will allow it to dominate this vial sector of the future economy.

Globalized Economy ~ Flat:
When Friedman says the world is “flat” he means "the economy is increasingly globalized," which it is. The internet and other technologies as we all know have allowed many jobs especially those that pay well to be performed by workers just about anywhere in the world. There is a major downfall to this for the United States which is jobs can be outsourced to people who will do them as well as Americans can but for a shorter amount of money.

Rapidly Increasing Populations ~ Crowded:
The final problem is that the world has become “crowded” meaning "the world is overpopulated and the global population is increasing by becoming middle-class." What does this mean? It means that as people achieve middle-class status, they will start to demand more and more material goods, thus the production of these goods uses even more resources. Crowding is a particular problem in the United States as we all know. Friedman says that the consumption of non-renewable resources tends to enrich oil-rich countries of the Middle East and thus threatening national security.

Global warming, global crowding, and global flattening are the three main factors and as results there are five key problems and they are:

Energy Supply and Demand:
“Growing demand for ever scarcer energy supplies and natural resources” In the periods between the Industrial Revolution up until the twentieth century, there was an illusion most people believed in and that was that all the fossil fuels humanity was using for our transportation, buildings, heating, electricity, cooking, and other industrial purposes were completely never ending, inexpensive, and both climate and political use good. However, all this began to change when humanity woke up from this illusion right into reality. It was when we entered the Energy-Climate Era that we soon realized of fossil fuels being increasingly expensive, exhaustible, and are politically, environmentally, and climatically toxic because of all the CO2 being released into the atmosphere by the fossil fuels that we increasingly consume on a daily basis. What changed is that the economy became increasingly globalized and the world is becoming...
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