Summary of El Coronel No Tiene Le Escriba (Not Mine)

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Summary of the work by chapters.
   "The colonel one writes," is a work that consists of seven chapters separated by a white typo. In this paper, I will stop for a brief summary of each chapter.  
   First, the Colonel wakes up and discovers that coffee is not enough for breakfast and have to attend a funeral, which the colonel is the first natural death that they have in years. His wife affected by asthma has long been not leave the house. Colonel down to the place where you wait for the funeral.It's raining, always raining in October, causing discomfort to the Colonel.  

   Second, the Colonel has a cock that is a legacy of her son Augustine, who was killed in January in the cockpit for spreading information secret. The common people believed to be the best cock in town. The Colonel tries to take care and keep well for upcoming fights although his wife is totally disagrees to keep this rooster. Every Friday, the colonel down to the dock waiting for the mail boat that will bring a letter from your pension. The colonel waited for more than fifteen years without losing hope. The doctor, like every Friday, get the papers and write their own newsletter, clandestinely circulated it among men of the village. Colonel takes the papers home, read them at night and returns to the doctor in the morning. At seven o'clock in the afternoon in the village heard the chimes of film censorship, Father Angel uses this medium to give the classification of the film.    Third, the economic situation is terrible colonel, because of complaints from women about this, the colonel replied that it will soon mail arrives but hoped the letter away. Augustine's colleagues say with joy over the victory of the rooster. Colonel down to the village again waiting for the letter, but in vain, the letter arrives, and the manager replied that he has no one writes. The colonel, on the advice of his wife, decides to change his lawyer.  

   Fourth quarter sequence starts with the writing of a...
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