Summary of Drumline

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Dustin Torres
Dr. Sandra Stephenson
March 28, 2011
English 1301.002
A Summary of Drumline
Drumline is a 2002 film written by Shawn Schepps and directed by Charles Stone III. This inspiring comedy/musical/drama film, starring Nick Cannon, Leonard Roberts, and Orlando Jones, teaches how discipline and determination lead to success. It also gives an outlook on college life.

Devon Miles (Nick Cannon) is drummer who gets a full scholarship to play at Atlanta A&T University. There, his talent astounds the schools musical director, Dr. Lee (Orlando Jones.) At the first practice, Devon meets his section leader Sean (Leonard Roberts), an upper-classman who has dedicated three years to the drumline. After noticing Devon’s confidence and talent, Sean becomes envious and threatened for his rank. Soon after that, things heat up between Sean and Devon.

Devon gains popularity over the next few weeks. The band director of Morris Brown University, a neighboring school and competition rival, also notices Devon’s talents. Morris Brown has crushed A&T over the past few years at the BET Southern Classic, an annual competition for marching bands. However, this year A&T is determined to win.

One day during practice, Sean asks Devon to play a new piece of music for the drumline. This throws Devon off because he is unable to read music. Sean discovers Devon’s secret, and tells Dr. Lee about the situation. After this, Dr. Lee finds himself and the future of his band program in jeopardy, so he kicks Devon off the drumline, and forces him to take basic music courses. Afterwards, Devon contacts A&T’s rival school Morris Brown College, to discuss about playing for their band next year. Brown’s band leader, Mr. Wade, says that Devon does not need to know how to read music and will likely get a good position on the drumline and a full scholarship. When Wade wants to know what Dr. Lee’s plans are for the BET Southern Classic, Devon realizes that his heart and honor...
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