Summary of Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 Summary – Extra Credit
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics usually abbreviated STEM, is a crucial part of the world’s economy. The United States are currently being pressured in these particular fields, and numerous efforts have been made to try to enhance these areas of concentration, however, to this day these fields are still mostly dominated by males. According to the National Science Foundation many jobs today require employees to have some sort of science and math background. These jobs typically are well paid, and most of the time offer safer job security. Women however, only hold a quarter of these jobs.

Getting women involved in these fields will undoubtedly increase innovation and competition. Today the sky is the limit, and these fields are aiming to solve some of the most challenging problems such as cure to cancer, and other diseases. Engineers are developing better cars every day as well as structures that we wouldn’t even think of. Without the help of women, their voices are unheard and their perspectives are not considered. This can actually be fatal to the economy because the products being developed may not appeal to them. It is still the case today that men will earn more pay when compared to women in the same job concentration; however women in STEM tend to earn more compared to women in other fields.

Educationally speaking, girls are performing on the same level as boys today, which is an upgrade compared to the past when boys seemingly always outperformed girls. According to research boys are still doing better on high stakes tests than girls, and by high stakes test meaning state advanced placement tests, and standardize college entrant exams. Also fewer girls compared to boys sign up to take these particular tests. As girls enter college they seem to shy away from STEM majors and research has shown that girls can perform just as well in these fields as boys. The loss of women in these fields is a concern....
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