Summary of Chapter 13

Topics: Discrimination, AIDS, HIV Pages: 3 (863 words) Published: March 13, 2013
When Emma Barnett was cleaning her house one day, she picked up her boyfriend's pants, and noticed the laundry tag. It told her to wash the pants inside out in warm water, to use only non-chlorine bleach, and to avoid ironing the print. Also, at the bottom is says "GIVE IT TO YOUR WOMAN, IT'S HER JOB." Barnett is a digital media editor on the major British newspaper The Telegraph. So she wrote an article. She knows how to take a joke, but even when it seemed it was at the expense of her gender that this was terribly sexist. The problem, she says is that there wasn't really anything funny about it. So a few days before International Women's Day, Barnett took to Twitter with the hash tag #sexist trousers. She was overloaded with notes of outrage and support, as well as a minority of folks who told her to lighten up and take a joke, and that if she's offended she needs to get a life, because it was all just a joke and a tease. The store where Barnett's boyfriend bought the pants, called Madhouse, messaged Barnett an apology, saying "they didn't know, and they need to be more careful in future," she tweets. Some people say that sexist trousers is simply a genius marketing scheme, and Madhouse will only benefit from the publicity. But whether that was the plan is unknown. For the time being, Madhouse's website has suddenly closed for maintenance, and the clothing store couldn't be reached for comment.

Age discrimination is a large issue in the United States today. All ages can be discriminated against, teenagers are considered suspicious and untrustworthy, elderly considered incapable, youth considered rowdy. It affects not only the people who are discriminated against, but also those who lose valuable relationships by judging them based on age. Imagine a teenage boy, with a group of friends, walks laughing into a store. They scan the magazine...
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