Summary of Cathedral

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Summary of Cathedral

On the surface Raymond Carver’s, Cathedral is nothing more than a story of acceptance. The story takes place in New York around the 1980’s. The principle characters include: The Narrator who is a jealous husband, Robert a blind man who is kindhearted and the Narrator’s wife who is a lonely woman looking for attention. The story begins when an old friend of the Narrator’s wife, Robert, was coming to visit. The Narrator’s wife used to work for Robert when she lived in Seattle. He was a blind man. The Narrator’s wife was previously married to a man in the military and they had no money. She read something in the paper about reading to a blind man and she took it. The Narrator’s wife eventually became so unhappy with her life that she divorced and tried to commit suicide. On her last day at work Robert asked to touch her face. This was important because she wrote a poem about it. The Narrator’s wife and the blind man kept in touch by sending audio tapes to one another. They became very close and told each other every aspect about their lives. Robert eventually married a woman by the name of Beulah who then died of cancer. Robert was visiting his wife’s relatives in Connecticut and was going to visit the narrator’s wife and spend the night. This made the Narrator very uneasy. He mentioned that blind people bothered him and he only saw them in movies. He stated, “The blind moved slowly and never laughed.” The Narrator did not look forward to Robert visiting but he had no choice. Robert came by train and the Narrator’s wife picked him up. When he arrived at the house he met the Narrator. They then had drinks followed by dinner. After dinner they all gathered around the TV. The Narrators wife went upstairs to put on her robe. The Narrator then offered Robert some marijuana and he accepted. At this time the wife returned and smoked with them, soon after she fell asleep. The Narrator and Robert started watching a show on Cathedrals. Robert asked...
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