Summary of Blood Diamond

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Based on the movie “Blood Diamond” directed by Edward Zwick, it talks about a rare diamond discovered in a diamond mine located in Africa, where its plot is regarding the abusing of humanity for the high prices of diamond trade. Danny Archer is a diamond smuggler in Africa who seeks for a large amount of money which enables him to leave Africa for good. Due to his strong survival instinct, he made himself the key player in the conflicting business of diamonds. However, when he met Solomon in the prison where he found out about the existence of an extraordinary diamond that was hide by the latter, he proposes to free Solomon with the condition of obtaining the diamond in return. Archer’s conscience against his greed is then tested during the process. Solomon was a fisherman but was later caught by the radical to be a diamond miner. He has always dreamed that his son, Dia Vandy will be a doctor. Unfortunately, it was shattered when the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), a rebel group in Sierra Lone invaded his village. While working in the mine, Solomon found a huge pink diamond and hides it. Solomon’s action was later saw by the commandant but before he could capture Solomon, the rebels were attacked and arrested by the African army. During the process of rescuing Dia, Archer and Solomon was helped by Maddy Bowen who is an American journalist in Africa. Maddy’s purpose in Africa was to seek a huge story on the illegal smuggling of conflict diamonds. However, as Maddy tried to help to locate the whereabouts of Solomon’s son, she later found out that he was recruited by the rebels. In order to rescue his son, Solomon agreed to a term made by Archer where he will help Archer find the rare diamond in return for the rescue of his son by the latter (Ring Envy, 2010).
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