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Topics: Global warming, Temperature record of the past 1000 years, Earth Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: March 16, 2014

The purpose of this essay is to provide a summary of author Michael Mann’s 2012 article, Besieged by Climate Deniers, A Scientist Decides to Fight Back. Michael E. Mann is a faculty member at Penn State University and a director of the Penn State Earth Systems Science Center. In addition, Mr. Mann has held positions in both the Department of Meteorology and Geosciences and the Earth and Environmental Systems Institute. Mr. Mann has authored several books on the issue of global warming including The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars. Michael E. Mann is a respected contributor and researcher in the field of climate change. In his article, Mr. Mann discusses that there are many climate scientists who work hard to provide the public with the best and most accurate information that they can provide to the public. The climate scientists’ ideas are put through stringent peer-review before their research is published. Mr Mann understands that these questions are asked in good faith in order and appreciates the input of his colleagues. However, Mr. Mann finds that politicians attack the work of climate scientists, not because they have a legitimate reason, but, because they, the politicians, are trying to advance their own careers. The author has found himself, and other climate scientists, “attacked” by politicians who feel threatened by the information that the climate scientists are presenting (Mann, 2012). Mann feels that the unwarranted criticism of his writings only proves that his findings are accurate. Michael Mann and his colleagues have decided to “fight back” against his opponents. Mann feels that his findings that climate change does exist have been proved by the recent reports the CO2 levels are continuing to rise and the world is warmer (Mann, 2012). This information was the basis for Michael Mann’s book, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars. Further, Mr. Mann...
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