Summary of Alexander the Great

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  • Published : August 15, 2013
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ALEXANDER THE GREAT (Alexander of Macedon)
* Who made the first western attempt to conquer Asia
* One of the world’s greatest military geniuses
* Born in Pella, and was the son of King Phillip II
* Excellent, educated and was both brilliant in academic and military studies * He was taught by the famous Greek thinker Aristotle
* He was handsome, dynamic, strong and intelligent
* He’s favorite book was Homer’s Iliad
* Macedonia’s best warrior

When King Phillip was assassinated, alexander took the responsibility to continued and carried out the first invasion in Asia. The reasons why alexander invaded Asia were as follows; to retaliate invasions of Greece, to establish an empire, to spread western Greek culture to the east. After annihilating the Persian army, returned to conquer the rest of Syria and Persia and killed the last Persian emperor, Darius III thus ending the Persian Empire. Longing for more worlds to conquer, alexander wanted to go beyond the Indus valley. But his troops mutinied and refused to go farther. They had been fighting for 10 years; they are tired and wanted to go home. Alexander returned to Babylon to devote his time in ruling, his empire his hectic life and hard military campaigns had sapped his energy. Then one morning, he developed high fever and could not be cured. Alexander died at his royal palace in Babylon at age of 33. As alexander was dying, his generals asked him to whom the empire would belong. He replied, to the strongest. He gave his ring to perdiccas, one of his generals. But perdiccas was not the strongest. Generals of alexander fought each other for many years that’s why the empire of alexander was broken up into three parts: the ptolemic kingdom of Egypt, the Seleucid Empire of Asia, the empire of Macedonia, all these fragments were conquered by Rome later on. The conquest of alexander and his generals had far-reaching...
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