Summary of “ ’ Fixing ’ What Isn’t Broken”

Topics: Medicine, Human, Dog Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Summary of “ ’ Fixing ’ What Isn’t Broken”
(2010,09). “Fixing “ What Isn’t Broken. Retrieved 09,2010, from There are some actions such like spay or neuter the pet owner can take to keep your pets more loveable and avoid some troubles when they grow up. The responsibilities of the owner are not only keep it physically healthy and keep it emotional healthy, but to prevent pet from ever becoming a mother or father. The author thought that all pet owners should do that. The ending of the abandoned animal is ruthless. Some of them may be brought to shelter, waiting for adopting. If nobody wants to adopt them, they will be killed because the shelter can not contain so many homeless animals. The majority of them would lead a vagrant life, taking risk of disease and starvation. Also people might be attacked by these pets, anyhow, they are still animals. If not “fix” your pet, they would have the chance of suffering from some human disease like heart disease, cancer. It is dangerous for female animals to burn. Some owners had opposite views because the risky of the surgery and expensive expend. This is the behavior of ignorance. Most protester hold the opinion that the surgery will change the personality of pets. It is true that some actions would change but only small detail. Your pet is always your pet, this won’t change. No matter what reason you have, it is undeniable that spay is a convenient and morally right way for your pets.
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