Summary: Hold on to Your Positive Attitude by Elwood Chapman

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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The chief message conveyed in the article of “Hold on to Your Positive Attitude” by Elwood Chapman, is that maintaining a positive attitude in all areas of life is most beneficial to an individual. Chapman eludes to defining a positive attitude by first illustrating the three facets of interaction between people. The first is in written form, second in verbal form and lastly the transmission of attitudes. Chapman states that although written and verbal form of communication is critical to the successful undertaking of an organization, people often forget that they also communicate their attitudes through various forms of body language unconsciously. According to the psychologists, attitude is a prompted response in a personalized manner to a given catalyst. Chapman says, a person’s attitude is always showing to reflect the person’s view on the rendered environment. In other words, attitude is present at all times, but the way one perceives their attitude will be an imperative decision that will contribute to one’s life and success. But attitude is not just a personal struggle as it can be influenced by other factors. A person’s surroundings influences one’s attitude substantially. Chapman provides support to this idea by encouraging people to find positivity amongst the many imperfections of everyday life. In order to achieve a positive attitude, one must not set blame to outside sources, but rather discipline oneself to focus largely on the positive aspects of life. But, no one can always uphold a positive attitude that often will be accompanied by intervals of doubt and inconsistency. Chapman states the moment one start to contradict their organization and career, their chances for success abbreviates. Therefore, a positive outlook is absolutely crucial to a successful career that will make one more energetic and productive while transmitting a continual impression among one’s peers. However, before infecting others with positivity, one must first cultivate...
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