Summary of the Hobbit Evaluation of the Hobbit Description of Bilbo Baggins

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  • Published: November 29, 2004
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The Hobbit

J.R.R. Tolkien's, The Hobbit is a story about a long and dangerous journey that a group of dwarves and a single Hobbit depart on, in search for their ancestors stolen treasure through the mythical lands of middle earth. Before I start this tale let me tell you what a Hobbit is. Hobbits are small merry creatures, about half the size of an average man, fat in the belly, brown curly hair on their heads and on their feet, and they usually dress in bright colors, particularly red and yellow. Hobbits enjoy simple calm lives; never traveling too far away from their cozy, warm holes. They love eating and drinking (a lot), smoking their long brown pipes, and sitting around the fire sipping tea and talking. So as you can see Hobbits do not normally go on long and dangerous journeys.

One beautiful spring morning while our Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins was smoking his pipe and blowing smoke rings into the sweat flower fragranced air, the legendary wizard, Gandalf came and sat next to him. Gandalf asked Bilbo if he would like to come with him on an adventure. In response Bilbo got up and marched right into his hole, never once looking back at Gandalf. The next day at teatime thirteen dwarves showed up at Bilbo's door insisting that he come with them on their journey to find their ancestors stolen treasure. With the word "treasure" Bilbo agreed to join them.

Bright and early next morning Bilbo Baggins and the thirteen dwarves saddled up their ponies (for they were not tall enough to ride horses) and started to navigate through the green and wet woods of Riverdell. In these woods, they encountered trolls. Trolls are big chubby creatures with long droopy faces, who are always looking for a meal. The trolls caught Bilbo and the dwarves and prepared to eat them. When things looked like they couldn't get worse, Gandalf came to the rescue. Using magic he distracted the trolls with fire works. While all the trolls were observing Gandalfs amazing feat, the thirteen dwarves and Bilbo escaped to the Misty Mountains.

The fastest way to get past the Misty Mountains is to travel through them. However that is also the most dangerous; for this mountain range is infested with wild goblins. The only thing goblins do to strangers is fight them, and that is exactly what they did. Before long there were thousands of goblins huddled around Bilbo and the dwarves, with their spears ready to pierce. It seemed that the only thing they could do was surrender but that's not what Thorin, leader of the dwarves, had in mind. He took out a long, sharp silver sword, which he stole from the trolls and, started to thrash it wildly. Thorin killed hundreds of goblins with each thrash and soon the dwarves joined in with their daggers. In the midst of all this commotion Bilbo was hiding, wishing that he were back in his hobbit hole, sitting by his warm fire. The dwarves killed enough goblins so that they could escape the cave. They raced as fast as there stubby feet could carry them to the end of the long dark passage. They exited outside into the moonlight and back on their trail again. At the time the dwarves had not noticed, but they had journeyed right through the Misty Mountains and had cut off about two weeks worth of traveling. While the dwarves were celebrating there victory Bilbo was still back in the cave walking along a different passage. He was swaggering in the darkness and suddenly out of the corner of his eye he saw something shining. He picked up a smooth round object; it was a ring that made the person wearing it invisible! Bilbo put the ring on and escaped the cave unscathed. Bilbo strolled around outside in the clear night and soon he found the dwarves camped by a warm fire.

For the next two months Bilbo and the dwarves traveled through the most treacherous part of their trip, which led them through the deep dark forest of Mirkwood. There they came upon many mysterious and evil things; Massive man eating spiders, poisonous rivers that...
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