Summary: French Revolution and Modern World

Topics: French Revolution, Thomas Friedman, Liberalism Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: April 16, 2013
In the reading “The Untouchables” written by Friedman, the issue of getting a job and keeping it in the modern world is discussed. The Friedman explains that in order for a person to get a job in the modern world and be able to keep it, one has to have the right mindset. The author supports this by describing the qualities that a person should have, and the work that needs to be put into getting a job and keeping it. Thomas Friedman explains that there will be a lot of jobs, but people have to work hard to get them. He further states that people should take personal responsibility for getting their jobs done, and they have to do jobs that they are passionate about regardless of the paycheck. According to Friedman, in this new modern world, if one does not do his/her job with passion, love, hard work, and devotion, there will always be someone else willing to take over. He asserts that if

American’s do not work hard for their jobs, there are people from all over the world who are qualified and are willing to work for a cheaper pay. Friedman explains that an “untouchable” is someone in the idle class whose occupation cannot be threaten nor taken over because he/she put so much effort and hard work into his/her job. He explains that the “New middles” cannot ever be outsourced nor over thrown from their jobs, for they have the right set of mind and determination. He states that people should convert themselves to become “untouchables” so as to adapt to the new modern world, and be able to do better in the work industry.

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