Summary for the Failure of Accounting Research to Improve Accounting Practice: a Problem of Theory and Lack of Communication

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Summary for The failure of accounting research to improve accounting practice: a problem of theory and lack of communication

Improve finical report in (AICPA, 1994) that provides evidence of final report is not efficiency to the user’s request. Some of the problem is from the failure of financial accounting to remain relevant. For the research of this paper, the author gives the definition of the research in Research is then designed and intended to use theory as a reference for the investigation. In general there are two types of theory—positive and normative. Positive theories like to give the description real world situation like what they are. A normative theory is a goal-oriented theory that represents real world situations, not the object in the real world what they are. But what they should be. And since the 1960s, accounting research has increasingly moved away from normative to positive.

Two accounting research models were used for accounting research. They are classical model (feed-forward) and feed-back model of accounting research. By using that model, the research of accounting will observes the real world situation and not much focused on the theory. It will help user find the real truth of the researching.

For the problem with theory in accounting research: 1. Lack of “known theory” 2. Accounting theorizing. Those cases can make lack of the accounting theory. Both positive and normative theories should give a framework for evaluation a new accounting practice, the accounting practice it is important than the education from the Historic relationship between education and practice show. Also it is important for the students go to account practice than only take education need. it will help student and employee get learn theory more quickly. Indeed the experience will more important for the accounting practice.

The Research in accounting should aim at improving accounting practice. And accounting research always academics and...
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