Summary: Dr. Cain -calloway

Topics: Fiction, Short story, Nathaniel Hawthorne Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: October 30, 2011
Shawna SmithSmith 1
Dr. Cain -Calloway
English 1302
28 October 2011
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Shawna Smith Smith 1
Dr. Cain-Calloway
English 1302
28 October 2011
Summary of Evan’s “The Rocking Horse Winner”
Evans explain’s many different views on “The Rocking Horse Winner” in his collection of reviews. One of the authors in Evan’s compilation is Roy Lamsen. According to Lamsen, the story keeps the interest of the readers. There are moments of suspense in the story that really keep the reader attentive. He believes that if the story would have been written in the Hester’s son’s point of view, it would have lacked interest from the reader. It would have seemed too emotional and just boring in a sense. Also, Lamsen believes that the boys point of view would have caused a lack of rising action in the story. Also he feels that fear is very detectable in the piece. The topics of luck and love are relevant in the short story. There is a sense of irony that is apparent from the beginning to the end of the fictional story. In Lamsen’s opinion, Lawrence has put together many elements in this piece that should be seen in relationship to each other… not separately.

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