Summary Boys Don't Cry

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  • Published : March 19, 2006
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Movie: "Boys don't cry"

The movie is about a girl pretending as a guy. It is a real life story that happened in Lincoln in 1993. The story began in this way. The girl pretending to be a guy went into a bar and met this girl called Candace whom took "him" to Falls city. She used "Brandon" as her "guy name". When he (Brandon) first met Candace, he tried to act tough, just like a guy do in a bar, he picked up a fight with a guy simply because the guy was talking to Candace and he didn't like it. On that same night, he went with Candace and her friends to Falls City. Over there, he hangs out with guys that talks about the kind of girls that they used to date, then he noticed about this girl called Lana. Trying to prove himself as a guy and get Lana's attention, he jumps onto the back of a truck and is pulled as a dog. From his facial expression, I could tell that he is scared, but doesn't want to give up in front of "his friends", he later got injured badly. He seems to care about Lana a lot, when he went into a store to get pad for his periods he saw Lana being really drunk. He didn't want to leave her all alone there, so he drove her home and take care of her. In the store, Lana shows some interest in a certain ring, he end up steeling it and put it in her room when he left. Lana introduce Brandon to her mom, he made up lies to the people that he has a father in Memphis and a sister working as a model living with their mum in Hollywood. He has to put tissues and a fake penis in his pants to make him look like a man. Also, he puts cloths to tie around this breast, to hide it. There is once that he had an argument with his friends in Falls city, because of not stopping when the police was after them. To show his toughness again, one of his friends gave him a knife to cut himself by saying that's how guys have fun. He made the comment that "I think I am a pussy compare to you" I, personally think this is very strange, so, does he still thinks he is a girl? Or does...
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