Summary: Biswas, Asit K.(1987). 'Inland Waterways for Transportation of Agricultural, Industrial and Energy Products'. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 3:1, 9 — 22

Topics: Water, Economy, Europe Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: October 5, 2012
Summary of the following article: Biswas, Asit K.(1987). 'Inland waterways for transportation of agricultural, industrial and energy products'. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 3:1, 9 — 22

This paper investigates the use of inland waterways on three continents-Asia, Europe, and North America with an in-depth focus on the transportation of agricultural, industrial and energy products. It is found that there are great variations on the use of inland waterways in their importance from one country to another. This variation in use of inland waterways depends on economic, technical, social and political considerations. Certain considerations like cost-effectiveness or technical feasibility are universal. Additionally, this discrepancy can be explained to a certain extent by geographical conditions, but lack of realization of the potential benefits to the national economies also plays an important role. Some countries - especially the oil-importing developing countries - are now making determined efforts to expand and modernize their waterways transportation systems, but generally there is a lack of national master plans for transportation, including inland waterways, so their development is still taking place on a piecemeal basis. There are many major considerations for using inland waterways, and some of these issues are interrelated. Five major considerations are: (i) economic efficiency; (ii) employment potential; (iii) energy use; (iv) environmental factors; and (v) socioeconomic requirements. As might be expected, the recent rates of growth of inland water transport in different parts of the world have not been uniform. The growth rates have not been similar even within a specific region. For example, in Asia, cargo handled by inland waterways increased by 12% in China in 1982, and by 9.1% in Burma during 1982-83. In contrast, cargo handled in Bangladesh declined by 4% during 1982-83. Asia. Inland waterways are an important means...
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