Summary and Reaction Towards the Use of Force

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  • Published : March 1, 2011
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The use of force was about a family that went to visit a doctor because their daughter had a fever for a few days and the family doesn’t know what was causing it. The doctor noticed that she has been eating up her cold, having steady eyes with no facial expression. The doctor asked the parents if she has a sore throat because there’ve been number of cases of diphtheria in the school. The doctor asked her if he could check her throat but she refused to and fought back as the doctor tried to stick a swab in her mouth. The doctor held her down along with her parents but the force of her not wanting to do it kept coming. The parents were disappointed and ashamed of her behavior. The doctor didn’t want to force her but he had to overpowering the child’s neck and jaws because there were two children lying dead from diphtheria and he didn’t want it to happen again, so he need to diagnosis it.

This was a very interesting and emotional short story and I feel that the doctor in the story is a normal stressed out doctor with some self control issues. I also feel that he is a person who enjoys being a doctor and he seemed to have deep regard about the child's health. However, the little girl got on his nerves when she did not want to open up her mouth. His determination to find out the problem with the girl, and the anger he had from her ignorance, resulted him to use some force to open the girls mouth. As any normal person would feel, the doctor enjoyed the feeling of insane anger towards the child because when someone pisses you off it feel good to get them back in some way. He was expressing his anger; he truly did want to help out suffering girl from the sickness she was hiding. The girl's beauty would have to do with her being too good to open up her mouth. Maybe she knows of how beautiful she is and feels as if she is too good to be forced to do anything.
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