Summary and Paraphrase “on Avoiding Being Despised and Hated”

Topics: Conspiracy, Conspiracy theory, Prince Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: October 1, 2011
Summary and Paraphrase “On Avoiding Being Despised and Hated”

In Machiavelli book The Qualities of the Prince, section “On Avoiding Being Despised and Hated” talks about how a prince can avoid being despised and hated from his people. In this section, Machiavelli have briefly talked about the general manner of how a prince should react toward when his [prince] subject look upon him as a despised and hated person. What makes the prince hated is if he’s being greedy and a usurper of the property and the women of his subjects. And the only way a prince can persist is not to deprive them [his subject] of either their property or their honor. A prince will be despised if he has a reputation of being considered changeable, frivolous, effeminate cowardly and irresolute. In order to save his reputation, the prince must guard himself and strive to make everyone recognize his actions of greatness, spirit, dignity and strength.

Machiavelli stated that a prince is difficult to conspire with a reputation provided that he is understood to be the great merit and revered person by his subjects. However, a prince should worry about two threats: internal sedition from his subject and external threats from foreign powers. A prince can always defend himself against foreign enemies with a strong troops and good allies. Even Machiavelli mentioned “he [prince] will always have good friends if he has good troops; and internal affairs will always be stable when external affairs are stable… if external conditions change, he is properly organized and does not lose control of himself, he will always be able to withstand every attack” (48). A strong troop will always leads to good allies.

When external do not change, the prince have to secure himself from being hated or despised by his people. And one of the preparations that the prince can do to against conspiracies is by making sure that he is not hated or scorned by the people. For a man who plans a conspiracy always...
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