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By | March 2012
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Joseph Freberg,a sales manger , worked in Alcon for 18 months. He first began his work at Cala Industry, which specialized in making air compressors. Because his work with Cala, he had been lured away to Alcon. And Joseph was trying to figure out how to solve an ethical dilemma he had come across.He happened to find out that Carl had been giving feedbacks to some of his buyers. Carl's sales volume accounted for a substantial amount of the company's existing clientele sales and he had been the trainer of the company for several years. Besides, Carl also had a personal relationship with the vice president. He was the vice president's son-in-law. Later Joseph found out that not only Carl but also 3 of his ten people were doing the same thing. On Alcon's policy handbook , it was clearly written that "Our company stands for the doing the right thing at all the times and giving our customers the best product for the best prices." Although kickbacks were not mentioned, but everyone knew that kickbacks may be less fancifully termed as bribes.It would ultimately reduce fair competition , which eventually would lead to reduced quality and increased prices for customers. Joseph talked to some of the employees who had been with the company for a number of years and found out that the “no kickback” policy were enforced when times were good and not enforced when sales were down. Joseph tried to solve the problem with Carl at a monthly meeting. Joseph also learned that Carl took money out of his commission for kickbacks. Giving and receiving kickback are serious crimes. A kickback is effectively a quid-pro-quo bride, a collusive agreement, designed to help or influence an individual, company, or government entity.But what surprised Joseph was that Carl saw nothing wrong with the practice as long as it would increase sales. Joseph did not dare to go to the vice president to report this ,because he knew the chain -of -command structure of in the company and the...

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