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By | November 2012
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The Witches

Naam: John Zandink klas: 4T6 Summary:
the story takes place in Norway.
In the first capital Roald Dahl says: that this story is about real witches, but not the weird that on a broomstick fly’s and a tall pointed cap. He says: no this are witches the look very normal like us human people, The witches have just as normal women a job and normal clothes. she thinking the hole day about which child they will crush. The also have a own motto, the motto says: “One child weekly is fifty-two per year” A witch has just as much fun to murder a child as eat a plate with whipped cream. this was the introduction of the story, now begins the real story:

A boy go’s whit their parents to Norway to celebrate Christmas with their grandmother. The boy lives in England and the boy and their parents go by car to Norway underway the get an accident, by that accident death the parents. The boy must than remain by his grandmother in Norway.

Grandmother is good in telling stories about witches, and that does she always. She says that she tell the boy secret things about witches, like: witches are always bald and wear wigs, that they have blue saliva, large nostrils and that witches no nails have on their fingers and therefore the wears always gloves. Later going the boy and his grandmother to England, the live there a normal live until the summer holiday, because than get grandmother a pneumonia, what probably happened by smoking. so they can’t go on holiday Norway what they actually had planned. So the go to a hotel by sea in England.

as solace gives grandmother the boy mice , the boy what to train the mice but that shouldn’t by the boss of the hotel. So he go to a very big meeting room where he can train the mice. Suddenly there come al lot of woman’s in, they have an assembly, the boy looks at the woman, and see things that witches have, than he knows that that the woman’s witches...

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