Summarization of Literacy Hoax

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  • Published : November 20, 2010
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The book The Literacy Hoax is going to talk about how America went from gradual improvements from 1957 to widespread decline starting at mid-1960‘s. Paul Copperman starts explaining why the children now don’t have basic academic skills and why kids read two or more grade levels below the grade they are attending. This introduction tells, but doesn’t explain, why work in classes and standards dropped and grade inflation began. Paul Copperman started doing research on historical l profile of reading achievements at the United States.

America when from gradual improvements to widespread decline because of money and sources which stopped flowing to school so enrolled kids didn’t successfully learn basic academic skills. When there wasn’t enough money educational standards and basic academic skills began to decrease. Even traditional classes, work demand and the standards dropped. An average student in the early 1960’s were assigned 50 percent less reading and writing. With this, even textbook literature had to be rewritten to reach children’s reading level and that meant one or more years of a reading level. With this grade inflation started to be seen in high school and college students report cards but their academic skills began declining. Skills, assignments and standards down and with grades up the American education system began to lie to students and parents about their studies.

At America public schools and colleges enroll over fifty million students every year and claims the majority of them are told they have excellent education. The students and parents believe in their report cards, their teachers, counselors and professors when students are told they are doing excellent school work but the fact is many of the student suffer when the educational system lies to them. For example, Paul Copperman found young white male named Peter Doe in June of 1972 who graduated from a public high school in San Francisco. His school records show that he had average...
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