Summarization; Freedom Writers

Topics: Freedom Writers, Wilson Classical High School, The Freedom Writers Diary Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Summarizing; freedom writers.
The movie “freedom writers” begins with a teacher named Erin Gruwell who had moved to long beach California to work at Widrow Wilson high school (once known as a highly respected school). On her first day she realizes her students are considered to be ‘un-teachable’ (at risk for not graduating). She also realizes the significance in color and background when a gang fight breaks out in the middle of the courtyard. A week later, a small group of her students were involved in a serious hit and run at a convenience store. Eva Benitez was a key witness who claimed it was Grant Rice who was responsible for killing the young man at the convenience store, and the sides were at tension with a lot of mixed feelings. Erin is a very caring teacher and noticed brand new books in the library not being used, although they were above the students reading levels, she figured it may inspire them to try harder in school.. Erin was denied access to them by the principal of the school (Margaret Campbell), so she spent her own money on brand new materials for the students including journals for them to vent their problems, which had a surprisingly large turnout. Erin also engaged the students in activities and field trips; for example the students set up a ‘read-a-thon’ to raise money for Meip Gies; The woman who housed/hid Anne frank and her family during world war two, to come and talk to the class about her experiences. At this point, Erin has earned a lot of respect from her students, not only do they all attend school daily, but they have come with more open minds. This is expressed when Eva shocks everyone by telling the truth at her testimony in court exposing the truth and risking one of her own peoples safety. Erin has an idealistic personality, her genius idea to combine the student’s journal entries into a book, and call it “freedom riders” was a success.
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