Summarise Entitlement for Early Years Education

Topics: Childcare, Nursery school, Child care Pages: 1 (431 words) Published: April 22, 2013
1.1)There are different types of childcare options for children in the early years 0-5 these are: The first one is an organisation called Surestart this helps families from the birth of their child, providing help and support when the parents really need it the most. This organisation works with the parent’s right from when the child is born helping the child with educational needs. They provide full day care, short term care; health and family support if the family is having complications at home such as financial needs then Surestart will do their best to provide the family with links of people and organisations that can help them. They also provide parenting advice, this is essential for some new families that have never experienced parenting before. They also provide training and employment advice to fund the new families which is desperately needed especially when the family contains young parents. The next one is nursery schools; usually nursery schools provide this type of education for children between three and five years old. Most of the time these type of nurseries are based at the surestart centres but they can also often be linked to local primary schools. The next childcare option is pre schools and playgroups, most of the time playgroups are run by voluntary organisations for children three and four years old. This means that children can have 15 hours of their free education at these organisations. The next type of childcare provision is day nurseries these are consistently placed in workplaces as people going to work can place their child in that provision complete a day’s work and then take their child home. These can be run by both the business they are placed at or they can be voluntary, this might be free but sometimes the businesses can charge. A different type of childcare provision is one used at the carers home these are called childminders. These are often used after school is finished and people still need to place their children...
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