Summaries of Indapatra and Sulayaman, the Song of Roland and Iliad

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  • Published : April 23, 2011
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Indarapatra and Sulayman
A Filipino – Mindanawon Epic
* There is no permanent author attributed to this epic
* Even the date for this epic has no tentative or permanent approximation * It is written so that it will not be revised through generations and passed mouth-to-mouth Indarapatra & Sulayman is attributed to...

* the Philippines, specifically in the southern major island, Mindanao * Mindanao is called The Land of Promise
* Mindanao is the only area of the Philippines with a significant Muslim presence Characters
* Emperor Indarapatra -clever, kind and courageous. He owns a spear that after he throws to his ene my will come back to him * Prince Sulayman –helped his brother to fight for their kingdom * Kurita – animal with many feet

* Tarabusaw – humanoid that eats human
* Pah – a large monster bird
* Kurayan –a bird with seven heads
* Bathala - was the Supreme God of the ancient Tagalog and King of theDiwatas Purpose
* To show the relevance of leadership and brotherhood
* To strengthen individual courage and hope
* Even though your enemy is big, as long as your determination is that big, you can defeat it The purpose was attained means through...
* Presenting a part in which King Indarapatra thought that Sulayman was dead * Indarapatra looked for him; after such trials, they were able to defeat the four monsters * Through the creative presentation of events, the author was able to deliver his purpose Relevance

* Our life is always full of circumstances but falling down and losing should never stop us from fighting. * A setback or even a hundred setbacks never mean failure but staying down does. Condensed Synopsis

* It is a story about emperor indarapata and the Kingdom of Mantapuli. He is wise, kind and courageous. * He has a spear that after he trows to his enemy will come back to him. * There came the four monster horrifying Mindanao.

* He asked Prince Sulayman, his brother to help him save the kingdom against the four monsters. * Kurita, animal with many feet and can eat five persons in just one meal * Tarabusaw, looks like a human and a human eater

* Pha a very large bird monster that it can shade a whole mountain while flying * Kurayan a bird monster with seven heads
* Sulayman accepted the duty
* Indarapatra placed a plant that will wither when Prince Sulayman die * One by one, they kill the monsters and at last only one left * Kurayan, Sulayman slashed its wings but it covered him with a great impact from the air * The plant withered and it means that Sulayman died

* He removed the wings and he prayed to Bathala.
* And the hero ressurected

The Song of Roland
A French Epic
* Since the song of Roland is the oldest surviving major work of French Literature, there is no evidence about the author * It is written from 12th to 14th Century
The song of Roland is attributed to...
* France, specifically, the story told in the poem is based on a historical incident, the Battle of Roncevaux Pass on August 15, 778 Main Characters
* Baligant - emir of Babylon; Marsilion enlists his help against Charlemagne. * Blancandrin - wise pagan; suggests bribing Charlemagne out of Spain with hostages and gifts, and then suggests dishonouring a promise to allow Marsilion's baptism * Bramimonde - Queen of Zaragoza; captured and converted by Charlemagne after the city falls * Charlemagne- Holy Roman Emperor; his forces fight the Saracens in Spain. * Ganelon-treacherous lord and Roland's stepfather who encourages Marsilion to attack the French * King Marsile, Saracen king of Spain-Roland wounds him and he dies of his wound later. * Olivier, Roland's friend-mortally wounded by Marganice. He represents wisdom. * Roland, the hero of the Song-nephew of Charlemagne; leads the rear guard of the French forces; bursts his temples by...
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