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  • Published : June 18, 2011
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In the novel Sulu, Toni Morrison contrasts the lives of two very different people; Nel Bright and Sulu Peace. Morrison illustrates Sulu as a dark character, emotionally defined by a sense of evil and physically defined by her black coloring, as well as the ‘darkening’ birthmark on her eye. This behavior is now even more visible in the 21st century, many people, particularly idol teenagers are starting to rebel against anything they can. In many aspects, Sulu and Miley Cyrus are similar in that they are rebelling against society, revolting against everyone’s’ wishes and is misunderstood by many, which in turn, affects the way they live.

The women of The Bottom settled for the traditional lot of marriages, raising children, labor and pain. Sulu saw the depression and pain these women went through and decided she didn’t want this for herself. She wanted “interesting’, ‘surprises,” a life outside of The Medallion. Miley Cyrus, the classic Disney star who grew up in the spotlight turned loose when she turned 17. Like Sulu, Cyrus didn’t like the ‘normal’ things everybody else liked and instead, were their exact opposites. By the age of 18, Cyrus had gotten a tattoo below her breasts, a taboo in society because she was ‘young’ and innocent. As America watched their Disney star, the ‘Hannah Montana’ star, slowly disappearing. Everybody who was born in The Medallion stayed and lived there until they died but Sulu, born and raised in Medallion left because of its boredom and returned only for one reason. Sulu was determined to live without commitments and independence of others; she inherited this attitude from her mother, Hannah. Sulu’s many events, such as her affairs with people’s husbands, watching her mother burn alive, Little Chicken’s death, Sulu supposedly pushing a boy down the steps, and sending Eva off have caused the town to dislike her more and more. Like Sulu, Cyrus’ every move was recorded by the people surrounding themselves with her, such as the...
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