Sullivan & Cromwell Llp

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Angelica Maria Aroca
MGMT Research Assignment
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
As I continue in my sophomore year of college, I continue pursuing in a possible career in Legal Studies. I have been drawn to the type of work since my senior year of high school and have been committed ever since. Although I am interested in law I have yet to decide what type of law I would like to specialize in. Being that there are so many types, it is rather difficult to choose this early in my education. I hope to familiarize myself in the many types of law in my upcoming years here at St. John’s University. As for now I plan on focusing on basic legal work to get myself prepared to work in any law firm that catches my eye.

During my research I came across hundreds of law firms in New York City, which is where I plan on staying. It was very difficult to narrow the choices down to one but I managed to find very pleasing attributes from one firm in particular called Sullivan & Cromwell LLP. Sullivan & Cromwell Limited Liability Partnership is an international law firm headquartered in New York City. This firm however has offices in almost every region of the world including New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Washington D.C., Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Palo Alto, Paris, and Sydney. S&C has been ranked 4th most prestigious in the 2013 vault law firm ranking, which puts it above the many other firm in New York City. About 800 Lawyers are apart of this prestigious law firm yet it continues to grow.

Algernon Sidney Sullivan and William Nelson Cromwell founded S&C in 1879. The firms’ earliest projects include the formation of the United States Steel Corporation and the Panama Canal. Their involvements in global affairs are still active as they continue to work with Leaders of the global economy presently. Its practices range from Litigation to mergers to Criminal defense to environmental cases. Its diverse area of specialty makes it easy to join such a company since it...
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