Sullivan's Auto World

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Sales Pages: 4 (1182 words) Published: July 13, 2012
Case study Sullivan’s Auto World

Problem Statement

The owner of Sullivan’s Auto World has passed away and his eldest daughter is undecided in reconstructing a declining business or to sell what took her father decades to build. Situation Analysis

The type of service process Sullivan’s Auto used is possession processing. This involves tangible activity to the customer vehicles. Meaning the customers visits the service site and then a service is delivered in person to the customer. Although the customer satisfaction surveys is evidence that more than half of the customers agreed they would use a different Ford company to have their vehicle serviced. The service department at Sullivan’s Auto World is deplorable, but perhaps amendable. The customer satisfaction surveys also showed sales reps were not introducing the customers to those who work in the service department, per protocol. This is happening about one third of the time. Sullivan’s employees must all undergo a mental stimulus process to ensure the education of communication is established between employees and customers. This also entails creating each with outstanding attitudes and would impact how one conducts their self in front of the customer and fellow colleagues. The employees at Sullivan’s Auto should never find themselves in an ethical dilemma of trying to decide if a customer should be treated as customized or standardized. All customers should receive the same standardized service regardless. To restore this business, establishing a foundation of standard principles of behavior is a vital part to have a successful business. There must be guidelines for all employees whether they work sales or the service department also known as the “front end” and the “back end” of the dealership. Christopher Lovelock stated, “The dealership presented a festive sight. Strings of triangular pennants in red, white and blue fluttered gaily in the late afternoon breeze. Rows of new model cars...
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