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Taylor Koch
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The Chain of Motherhood
One of the main themes in Toni Morrison’s novel Sula is the strong influence of family and friends. The main characters of the novel are Sula Peace and Nel Wright; both of these characters come from completely opposite types of families. Sula and Nel never wanted to be like their mothers, but their mothers influence them so much that they turn into exactly what their mothers are like.

Eva Peace was a very independent woman, and she even lost her leg so she could feed her family, but she never really connected emotionally with her children. This caused her daughter Hannah to not know how to love Sula. “Sure you do. You love her, like I love Sula. I just don’t like her. That’s the difference,” (57). In that quote you can tell that Hannah hasn’t experienced maternal love, and because of that Sula doesn’t know how to love. When Sula hears Hannah say that she doesn’t like her Sula is devastated, and this causes her to grow up thinking that she doesn’t need to be loved by anyone.

As Sula grows up she becomes very promiscuous but never falling in love, because she believed that she doesn’t need anyone in her life. Sula inherited this from her mother who had the same views. Sula lives in many parts of the country, and does whatever she wants never settling down. When Sula meets Ajax she thinks it will be just another one night stand, but then she falls deeply in love with him. Then after sometime Ajax leaves her and Sula is devastated. “…And if I didn’t even know his name, then there is nothing I did know and have known nothing ever at all since the one thing I wanted was to know his name so how could he help but leave me since he was making love to a woman who didn’t even know his name,”(136). When Sula finds Ajax driver’s license she realizes that she never actually knew his real name, so she felt that their relationship was a lie. Because Sula is such an independent woman...
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