Suitable Stress Motivates Employees While Too Much Stress Causes Harmful Effect on Employees. Discuss the Relationship Between Stresses and Motivations.

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Chosen lecture topic: motivation

Suitable stress motivates employees while too much stress causes harmful effect on employees. Discuss the relationship between stresses and motivations.

Motivation, the process of a person’s efforts are energized, directed, and sustained towards achieving a goal. Apart from the organizational structure, culture and strategic management, when we are talking about how a company achieves their goals, we mainly focus on how a company motivates their employees. Nowadays stress is widespread and has no boundaries especially in Hong Kong, the small stressful international business world. Managers and employees get caught up in day to day tasks. We all deal with stress daily, at work and at home. Stress comes in all forms and causes emotional problems, results a bad performance in people’s work. As we can see, stress and performance and closely linked.

People always have a perception that stress must be a devil. However, they are two sides of the same coin. Some theories and researches show that stresses do have positive effect on the performance of employees to a certain standard. In an addition, if stress can be controlled at a suitable level, it is not surprised that it produces high levels of motivation. This essay is going to study the relationship between stresses and motivations. We are going to redefine “stress” and link motivations together by different theories.

What is Motivation?
Motivations are mainly classified into two groups. They are extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation is all about things around us, usually more materialized. For example, basic salaries, better job opportunities, more economically stable lives, or even shares. Intrinsic motivation is all about things inside our bodies, they are based on attitudes, values, beliefs or wants. Whenever we compare this to kind of motivations, intrinsic motivations takes more advantages than extrinsic motivations. It can be easily understand that because external factors are always controlled by the outside environment, which determine if we are satisfied with the situation. While internal factors guide our lives all the time without doubt. Take an example when Hong Kong is having The Financial Crisis, people didn’t think about how to improve their lifestyle, a better job opportunity, while only values and beliefs that how they can get over the obstacles were still kept in peoples’ mind as a motivation. Therefore, we can see that intrinsic motivations are much more powerful than extrinsic motivations just because of a simple reason: Things will not always happen as we want. Intrinsic motivations are considered as more abstract, but take more advantages than extrinsic motivations in terms of long-run effect.

What is stress?
According to Martens (1990), “stress” has been defined as stimulus, intervening and response to variables by different researchers. Stress is psychologically described as the feeling about stain and pressure. People feel stressful when they have to face problems or overcoming challenges, fighting with deadlines or it is simply because of tragedies and disasters. The most critical conditions are the outcome uncertainty and importance of the outcomes that may make potential stress to become the actual stress. However not all stresses are negative, as mentioned, some of them can be positive. The roles of stress depends on it will offers potential gain or loss.

Stress Model, Graham-Jones & Hardy (1990)

Take an example of the stress model in sports. It demonstrates several factors affecting stress in sport. Stress affects performance, in the way that how a sportsman responds. Whether it is positive or negative, is depends on the stress intensity and the stress management.

The research shows that suitable amount of stress helps athletes to improve their performance in a certain degree. It also explains how...
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