Suicides in Foxconn

Topics: Suicide, The Complete Manual of Suicide Pages: 6 (1840 words) Published: November 27, 2012

Abstract: Principles of Organizational Behavior from the point of view, combined with Foxconn employees work attitude, job satisfaction and work pressure, etc., on a world-renowned company Foxconn consecutive suicides occurred in a comparative analysis to explain the business In the era of the development process need to strengthen the management measures. 

Keywords: Foxconn, suicide, cognitive dissonance, job satisfaction, work pressure From January 2010 to November 2010, just 11 months time, the industry's leading OEM companies Foxconn employees took place more than a dozen suicides. Shocked the whole community, Foxconn is also pushed to the cusp of public opinion, resulting in the suicide for many reasons, this paper will follow the principles of organizational behavior, from the attitude of staff, job satisfaction and work pressure angle analyze, and to make business in the context of the times need to be strengthened management measures. 

First, the background events Foxconn management 
January 23, 2010, 19-year-old horse to move in staff training at the southern quarters Foxconn death in 2010, the evening of March 11, 0930, Fuji Kang Longhua base, surnamed Li, a 20-year-old male C2 in the living quarters, 5th Floor, fall dead ... ... November 5, 2010, a 23-year-old park in Shenzhen Foxconn male workers committed suicide, which occurred since the beginning of the fourteenth consecutive suicides. 

Second, the Foxconn management event analysis 
Foxconn management event, the staff of suicide can be divided into two separate aspects of the occurrence and collective place. 

(A separate suicide 
When a suicide occurs, Foxconn, Foxconn recruitment at the entrance is still full of people, when asked whether the candidates know that Foxconn suicide, the answer is known. When asked why to candidates, the answer is to open here on time wages, never in arrears. Foxconn released from the treatment of employees to see their three meals a day can guarantee accommodation hardware, transportation, laundry and other basic living conditions can be guaranteed, which is also a number of job seekers in the know Foxconn suicide after the incident still choose to work Foxconn reasons. Why these basic conditions are met, the staff, the staff or the successive suicides happen? The reasons are manifold. 

Data show the continuous Foxconn suicides have occurred in the younger generation of employees. Therefore, these new generation of employees to its own characteristics and has a lot of suicide, such as the current business environment caused by excessive pressure on the employees, and these pressure generation, from the perspective of Organizational Behavior is the cognitive dissonance caused by the employees. 

Cognitive dissonance refers to any form of attitudes and behavior are inconsistent will people feel uncomfortable, so the individual will try to reduce this mismatch, uncomfortable, if not improve cognitive dissonance, then the pressure will increase staff, accumulated to a certain extent when the pressure can not resolve, there may lead to suicide. 

Cognitive dissonance caused by Foxconn employees is mainly due to low job satisfaction a long time, Foxconn did not lower employee job satisfaction to improve this problem and take effective measures, low job satisfaction is the work of various factors caused, mainly due to the following four points:  1. Interest in working with low input pressure is huge. Foxconn, front-line staff here is equivalent to a large machine parts, every day repeating the same work, and is refined into a product of a step, spend months and years do the accumulated pressure is very great, because such work is not only monotonous, but also hard to put into it. Relative to the new generation of employees, their fathers on the job satisfaction can make money mainly depends on the simple duplication of work brought about by the pressure and can deliver the economic income compared to...
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