Suicide View from Christian Perspective

Topics: Suicide, Death, Christianity Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Suicide in Christian perspective
The Christians are against suicide. The Bible views suicide as equal to murder. According to Bible, suicide is not what determines whether a person gains entrance into heaven. If an unsaved person commits suicide, he has done nothing but “expedite” his journey to hell. According to Mr. Chiam Teng Poh, the pastor of Jelutong Chinese Methodist Church, Christianity does not accept a person to commit suicide. Mr. Chiam explained that because life is precious, and from the bible views, only God have the authority over a life, a person does not have the sovereignty to end his own life. Mr. Chiam believes suicide can be preventing if we are more concern to the people around us. For example giving supports and helps to those facing problems. Besides that, their church will hold some weekly activities to let the adolescent have the opportunity to interflow among each other, understanding the social problems and extending their views, they also have good counselor or speakers to give advice about teenager problems, relationship between parents and their children. In addition, Mr. Chiam gave his views on the factors that lead to suicide problems in the society; he pointed out that majority of teenager’s suicide cases are caused by family’s issues. Besides that, most of them were deeply influenced by multimedia through videos online and movies and thus lead to the happening of suicide. According to Bible, suicide is a serious sin against God. Suicide is murder; it is always wrong. That person who committed suicide will eventually be in hell for rejecting salvation through Christ. Although it is not describing suicide, 1 Corinthians 3:15 is probably a good description of what happens to a Christian who commits suicide: “He himself will be saved, but only as one escaping through the flames.” Euthanasia in Christian perspective

Christians are mostly against euthanasia. The arguments are generally based on the beliefs that life is given by...
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