Suicide Tourist

Topics: Marriage, Family Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: February 14, 2013
The Suicide Tourist: Bringing Marriage and Family Together as OneAs people grow up, they think of what college they want to attend, what job they want to have, who they want to marry, and how many kids they want to have.   Marriage and family are popular cultural aspects in the United States and around the world. Marriage and family can be shown through multiple views such as the media, magazines, and books. The video, The Suicide Tourist, demonstrates ways in which marriage and families plays a big role in decision-making in order to make someone happy. Craig Ewert’s wife believes that her husband is able to go through with this process of suicide injection, but knows she will miss him dearly once he passes. Their children will also be affected by this process and this event will bring their family as a whole closer together. While some people believe that Craig is doing the wrong thing and that his wife should be ashamed for allowing her husband to go through with this, I believe that it is the right thing if Craig and his wife both agree with what is going to happen.   Even though Mary is losing her husband, there are also some benefits to Craig passing away from this disease. These benefits are that his wife and children will become stronger as individuals, come closer together as a family, and also financially they will be able to settle down.Mary has stuck with Craig throughout this entire journey and will be there for him when he passes away. During the video, you learn to appreciate Mary as she is faced with multiple decisions especially when her husband was diagnosed with this disease several months ago. In a marriage it is between the husband and wife, not just one of the partners. “Till death do us apart” is a phrase that Craig and Mary expressed to each other on their wedding day. Even though Mary will be losing her husband at the end of the video, she is still supportive and even comes with him to Switzerland for the procedure.
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