Suicide Prevention Speech

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Expository Form III
Thesis: Every student should be educated in suicide prevention.

“For many students after high school there will be a severance between them and support from their parents. Being left alone, and having to make decisions can be overwhelming for even the most capable looking person.

The use of mandatory suicide prevention classes will increase the awareness of stress management, and future planning in students lives, while keeping other students aware of family and peers who are experiencing suicide symptoms.” .

1. Suicide is undesirable.
a. It is a long term solution for a short term problem. i. There is no going back from it.
b. It effects more people than just the person committing suicide. c. It can change the way people thought about you as a person. d. It can make others commit suicide as well.

(Transition) Even when you feel lost, alone, and have thoughts of suicide. There is help out there.

2. Suicide Prevention classes should be taught and required for high schools e. It will help students plan their career and courses. f. Techniques for controlling stress would be taught., and working with faculty and staff to overcome stress would be addressed. g. Proper ways to work with faculty/staff, and peers would be addressed. h. It will help people thinking of suicide understand that there is help out there. ii. It will help them realize they are not alone, or feel radically different.

(Transition) Stress can be bottled up overtime, students would now have a multitude of educated peers to talk to on the subject.

3. Students will be able to educate and diagnose potential suicide victims. i. It will be easier for students to talk to people thinking of suicide. j. They will be educated and liable in regards to suicide from taking the courses. k. Students would know that there is people for them to go to...
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