Suicide in Egypt

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  • Published : May 3, 2013
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Suicide in Egypt is increasing rapidly according to WHO numbers of suicide attempt is shocking the Egyptian community. The number of suicide attempts according to WHO (World Health Organization), shows that in year 2010, there was about 3000 people commit suicide every day ,and during the 45 years the rate of suicide attempts has jumped to 60% all over the world. In the past few ear Egypt gone throw a lot of changes such as economic and political issues. On 25 January the revelation of Egyptian started by protestor against the president Hosni Mubarak, these action had a huge impact on the community, Egyptians were forced to into different life style after the revelation. . Egypt consider one of the highest population in the world , there for suicide attempts are high among teenagers and adults , Suicide is an increasing problem in Egypt which is exacerbated by recent issues surrounding the changes caused by the Revolution, such as economic issues , society pressure and depression. these who commit suicide are often suffer from depression or failure to obtain a business opportunity or compensate for financial losses or losing a job.

Economic issues in Egypt had been , that can cause financial problem, that lead many people to commit suicide. 45% of the Egyptian society is living under the poverty line, pointing out that suicide increased from 1160 cases in 2005 to 3700 cases in 2007 to 4,200 in 2008 . according to psychologists One of the major causes in attempting suicide in Egypt is economic issues , Egyptian men have the highest percentage of attempting suicide due to financial expenses of the family , men can’t afford it so the suicide to end their suffer .


Society pressure in Egypt can take many terms such as, men don’t succeed what the society except them to do or even women who didn’t have the opportunity to get married as for teenagers ,high school student both girls and boys do attempt suicide, just...
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