Suicide Final Draft

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Suicide Final Draft
By: Markida Maxwell
Period: 3, 12/3/12
Sadly one in ten high school students will commit suicide. This is the new dilemma our society faces. No matter what the reason attributed to teens taking their life, teen suicide is now the latest epidemic plaguing our society. However, the true victims in this tragedy are the parents, loved ones, and friends. These individuals are left with feelings of denial, shock, guilt, anger, and depression. These are the cries go untreated and unheard by those who choose to end their life so tragically. No one understands more than the parents, loved ones and friends of the teens who have committed suicide. The parents of Thomas Andrew Haynes are a prime example of this sort of tragedy. They have a firsthand experience dealing with this type of anger, and depression. Thomas’ suicides raised questions of doubt fear and acknowledge that their love was not enough for their child. ( it was hard realizing that Thomas suffered from depression and ultimately caused him to choose suicide over life. "How many more lives are going to be lost before we as a society are going to start to advocate for awareness and prevention? I always feel there could be more (attention dedicated to the issue.) Two weeks ago, it was National Suicide Prevention Week. The entire month is dedicated to this but it should almost be every day. As we're finding out, it's something that could happen in just the blink of an eye." Samantha Neaman a mother who has lost a child to suicide. (Citizens Voice) About twelve percent of teens have depression in the United States. (It’s something as parents you should be looking for in your children when their normal daily interaction takes a drastic turn. The fact is most teens in this timeframe have an enact ability to hide their real emotions from their parents. Our family teachers and sometimes friends think it is a phase and we will get over it in time. In some...
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