Suicide - Crime vs Illness

Topics: Suicide, Suicide methods, Suicide by cop Pages: 4 (1065 words) Published: January 14, 2013

Shawn Murphy Mrs. Candreva Sophomore English – 10R 14-Feb-12 Suicide – A Crime, or a Punishment? The thought of someone taking their own life, by the means of an overdose, fatal laceration, or a firearm, doesn’t only hurt them. Suicide causes trouble in family, heartbreaks between soul mates, and can make an entire town lay low. The power of losing a loved one can be stronger than gravity. Not many people know that suicide isn’t for people who society looks at to be troubled, but a medical condition. Suicide is the action of killing oneself intentionally. The most common cause of suicide is related to depression. Things like problems in a relationship, personal issues, self-esteem and bullying problems can lead someone into a depression (New, Ph.D).People who are depressed feel as if the only way to escape the pain if through suicide. Also, people who commit suicide don’t have to be depressed. They could have been average people who have just been pushed too far, or had a tragic event happen in recent times (Dryden-Edwards, MD and Conrad Stöppler, MD). However, depression does have a large impact in suicide. Committing suicide is frowned upon by the law in New York State, so people cannot just kill themselves. Authorities interfere, and people just want a way out. Some methods of suicide where authorities won’t step in the way people think. A Medical Suicide can be performed by a doctor who is willing and understanding. A dose of poison, such as arsenic, can be consumed, before a patient goes to sleep. Another method of suicide is by police officer. “A person who


wants to kill themselves would theoretically be able to have a police officer ‘unknowingly assist them.’ By committing a crime, such as an armed robbery, one would draw an unloaded (or loaded) weapon, such as a pistol, and target a police officer. As our [Suffolk County Police Department] code states, if targeted, we have to fire upon said individual. It doesn’t happen often, as other...
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