Suicide Bombing

Topics: Suicide methods, Kamikaze, Sacrifice Pages: 3 (1062 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Taylor Maybeck
English 110-12
3 February 2013
A Martyr or A Murder?
Ever since the year 1983, the number of suicide bombing acts has risen significantly. Shockingly, most suicides are performed by people who are not “conformed to the typical profile of the suicidal personality… none of them [are] uneducated, desperately poor, simple-minded, or depressed,” according to author David Brooks (352). Suicide bombers give their own lives as a way to show loyalty and to be seen as martyrs to their people. Many families urge their children to go through bomber training and recruitment, claiming that they will be happy if their children die while successfully killing “enemies.” Suicide should not be praised, urged, or seen as an act of martyrdom by families unless it is a disastrous and uncontrollable situation.

In Palestinian areas, suicide bombing has become an act of choice, and is a highly spreading enterprise ( Brooks 352). In their society, suicide bombers go through recruitment and training. Organizations praise their bombers and reward them by using several tactics. Bombers are trained spiritually and told about the rewards they can receive in their afterlife, as well as bribed by being told that their family will be guaranteed a place with god. Families of the bomber are satisfied with the idea that they will go to god, and this also serves as motivation to the bombers themselves. Faith is not a subject of bribery and should never be used in such ways. Everyone has the right to create his or her own beliefs, and by being intensely trained for hours, bomber trainees become brainwashed. This means that trainees no longer have the ability to make their own decisions on whether they need to perform the act of suicide. They see it as an obligation rather than an option. Aside from this, a television show has been created and is growing in its amount of viewers. Children start learning of the option of suicide at very young ages. In “The...
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