Suicide Bombers

Topics: Middle East, Suicide methods, Islam Pages: 3 (796 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Travis Click

Amanda Dambrink

English 151

26 September 2010

Suicide Bombers

In 2004, there were 400 attacks by suicide bombers, killing 2000 people. A suicide bomber is a person who attacks another or a group of people, knowing they will lose their life in the process. The U.S. takes a strong negative stance to the subject, but other countries, such as Pakistan, believe it’s a useful tactic in warfare and an honorable deed. Its important for people to know what a suicide bomber was raised to believe and how extensive training they go through to make an argument on if they are doing wrong.

In David Brooks article, “The Culture of Martyrdom: How Suicide Bombing Became Not Just a Means but an End” he writes about suicide bombing through a psychological viewpoint. Pakistan started the use of suicide bombers as a tactic in warfare back in 1983, and it was a success in their eyes. Training men between the ages of 18-38 to have the mental focus to become one took a lot of work. They first had to take the Pakistani into small cells and spiritually guide them into the right mindset. The bombers were promised their past family members will have a spot waiting for them in the afterlife, and their family left behind will be left in riches. They are, also, to be married to multiple “dark-eyed” virgins (Brooks 39). All of the bombers who were interviewed had no signs of depression or any mental problems, they were proud in a religious stance to become one. When telling the bombers parents that their son has killed himself, they are proud and not even sad. Suicide bombing, in their eyes of Pakistani, is an honor and privilege to serve their country in that way. Other countries don’t seem to have that outlook, especially the U.S. What gives someone the will to strap a bomb to ones self and give up their life to kill others? Do they hate their lives? Are they forced to take such action? Pakistan started the use of suicide bombers and there are...
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