Suggestions to Improve Industrial Relation: -

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Suggestions to Improve Industrial Relation:-
a. Both management and unions should develop constructive attitudes towards each other – Constructive Attitude b. All basic policies and procedures relating to Industrial Relation should be clear to everybody in the organization and to the union leader. The personnel manager must make certain that line people will understand and agree with these policies. c. The personnel manager should remove any distrust by convincing the union of the company’s integrity and his own sincerity and honesty. Suspicious, rumors and doubts should all be put to rest. d. The personnel manager should not vie with the union to gain workers‘loyal to both the organization. Several research studies also confirm the idea of dual allegiance. There is strong evidence to discard the belief that one can owe allegiance to one group only. e. Management should encourage right kind of union leadership. While it is not for the management to interfere with union activities, or choose the union leadership, its action and attitude will go a long way towards developing the right kind of union leadership. “Management gets the union it deserves” is not just an empty phrase. Managements


Suggestions Regarding Fire Safety
We need to remember that when there is a fire, the first thing one should do is to runaway from it. And this is what everyone does in such a situation. But the situation become dangerous and tragic when the escape doorways and gates are found locked.Precautionary should need to be adopted are given below: ● Building should be constructed with fire resisting materials ● Adequate exits and proper escape routes should be designed ● Protection against fire and smoke should be ensured

● Electrical wiring must be properly designed, installed and maintained ● Escape routes should be lighted at all times, kept clear, be indicated by signs ● Regular fire drills should be held
● Doors should be protected and should open along the direction of escape ● Doors should not open on the steps and sufficient space should be provided. ● Smoke/Fire alarm systems must be installed

● adequate number of extinguishers should be provided
● Prior relationship with local Fire services should be established

Women in the garment industry
Garment sector is the largest employer of women in Bangladesh.[6] The garment sector has provided employment opportunities to women from the rural areas that previously did not have any opportunity to be part of the formal workforce. This has given women the chance to be financially independent and have a voice in the family because now they contribute financially.[7] However, the women workers are facing many problems. Most women come from low income families. Low wage of women workers and their compliance have enabled the industry to compete with the world market. Women are paid far less than men mainly due to their lack education.[4] Women are reluctant to unionize because factory owners threaten to fire them.[6] Even though trade unionization is banned inside the Export processing Zones (EPZ), the working environment is better than that of the majority of garment factories that operate outside the EPZs. But, pressure from buyers to abide by labor codes has enabled factories to maintain satisfactory working conditions.[7] In recent times, garment workers have protested against their low wages. The firsts protests broke out in 2006, and since then, there have been periodic protests by the workers.[8] This has forced the government to increase minimum wages of workers.[9]

The Ready-Made Garments (RMG) industry occupies a unique position in theBangladesh economy. It is the largest exporting industry in Bangladesh, whichexperienced phenomenal growth during the last 25 years. By taking advantage of aninsulated market under the provision of Multi Fibre Agreement (MFA) of GATT,...
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