Suggestions for Starbucks China Market

Topics: Starbucks, Coffee, China Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Develop “take away” style in China.
In China, McDonald set the “dessert booth” for the take away service, they just sell the drinks and ice-cream products in the booth, that’s very convenience for the customers who just want to buy a drinks during the shopping time. So, Starbucks can use this strategy, set a booth for take away, and it can expand the distribution channel, and the cost of setting a booth is cheaper than a shop. The coffee booth is more convenience for the customers to buy the Starbucks coffee and reduce the waiting time, since many people want to buy the coffee before they start to work in the morning.

11.1 OPEN 24 HOURS

China is a tea-drink nation which becomes a traditional culture in Chinese people’s mind. How to let the coffee culture emerge in China? This is a question that Starbucks have to recognize. Let coffee become a daily consume product as well as water. Customer easy to access coffee is a way to make it become a daily consumer product, and based on the idea of booth, so that Starbucks should develop some 24 hours booth and stores. And it is more convenience for the customers to buy the coffee at night, or enjoy the comfortable atmosphere in the store, since many people always looking for a place to chat with their friends at night, the 24 hours store can fulfill their needs. Such as the convenience stores, the 24 hours booth and stores can increase the brand awareness of Starbucks to the customers, “Starbucks is always stand by you.” Then, customer can buy coffee anywhere and anytime, it can increase the acceptance and develop the coffee culture in China.


The Starbucks prices are almost the same all around the world, in USA, Europe, Asia, etc… The main problem here is that the power of purchases is really different depending on the countries where you are living. For the Chinese market, the prices of the products are too high in comparison of the costs of the life (for...
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