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2. Promotion
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Suggestion on improvement
First and foremost, in order to decrease the high turnover of employees and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees in 7-11, 7-11 have to adopt training and developing program to enhance the vital work-related skills, techniques and knowledge. As an employee of 7-11, he or she has to be professional able to serve customers well and satisfy customers. Based on the year 2009 news, 7-11 has 1,103 stores in Malaysia and they hope to grow the number of stores to 2000 in the three years’ time (Bernama, 2009). From here we can see that the number of employees who work in the stores in Malaysia is more than 1000, therefore 7-11 should organize activities like workshops or campaign to build up the teamwork of the employees. The importance of teamwork can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of employees. In addition, participating in workshops can improve the attitude and emotional maturity of the employees so that they can provide excellent service to customers. Furthermore, communication between employees and customers is very essential. 7-11 must understand the customers’ need in order to satisfy them and know what the performance gaps between staffs and customers are. Feedback from customers is very important and valuable for 7-11 in order to improve their performance. Besides, get feedback from customers so that 7-11 can know what the expectation of customers is. 7-11 can prepare customer satisfaction surveys in the stores to let customers fill in their feedback. Moreover, change the pricing strategies of 7-11 in order to gain more customers. Competitors of 7-11 like Giant, Tesco, Watson, Guardian and other convenient stores are selling the merchandise with low price strategies. Therefore, in order to survive and improve the performance of 7-11 stores, 7-11 should adopt the psychological pricing to make customer believe the product...
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