Suggesting a Market Plan for Nokia Company

Topics: Management, Process management, Business process Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: January 30, 2013
The main focus of this research is to understand more of business process with associate of an organisation and its structure. As we know, business process is a collection of related tacks or activities that produces a specific service or product for a particular customer or customers. According to the literature renew showed by David Barnes; Business process in an organisation is an input which includes people, materials, information and finance. it’s also an input that organise to activate so as to convert human skills and raw materials into products, services and all that in output which are discharged into the environment.

Business process are grouped into different types in other to understand more how it’s used in or by an organisation because in the village we have today, business is highly a competitive world. * Firstly, we will talk about the Business Process Management. Business needs to access the current processes of the operation system within the organisation. This also has to do with identifying the whole system and it will involve corporate governance and strategy decision. * Another type of business is the Operational Business Process. These generally comprise the whole business which includes manufacturing, advert e.t.c. in this case, it includes the overall return of investment of the business and it improves customer’s satisfaction. * Supporting business process is the last which is involve in supporting the operational system. Examples here will include Accounting department, Recruitment e.t.c.

* Business process makes the organisation focus more on their customers and their wants so as to earn their life time loyalty. * There is a clear definition of the requirement of the process. Here we could be talking of the customer’s requirement, meeting the desire state of the business, meeting the stakeholders need and more. * Output increases due to the fact that...
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