Suggested Sales and Strategies

Topics: Need, Want, Male Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Subject: Suggested Sales and Strategies
1. Teens versus Elderly
2. Males versus Females
3. Rich versus Poor
4. White collar versus Blue collar
Purpose: Working as a team together to keep our customer happy and satisfied Audience: All Team Members
Tone: Concerned, Reasonable
Dear Team Members,
Good morning, I hope everyone is having a good day. In this memo, I want everyone to read on some examples of how we are striving to keep the customer happy. I am going to talk about teen’s versus the elderly, male’s versus females, rich versus poor and lastly white collar versus blue collar. I want everyone to know what to expect from our customer.

Teens and the elderly: When you are trying to appeal to a teen vs. an older person, the key to an older person is the value. The elderly often think, “What type of value am I going to get?” You’re going to have to explain to the elderly the electronic aspects of things without using jargon words. Teen’s often think “What is going to individualize me?” They are most likely what is going to make them feel like they are an independent person who stands out above the rest of their peers. You have to be savvy with the technical terms, or they will most likely go somewhere else because they may think you’re not educated enough how to use a device. They always want the latest and most exciting things available.

Males and Females: When dealing with males and females, you’re always going to want to explain to the male how the product is going to enable them to make their life easier. They don’t care so much about their social status as much as females. With females, you have to put more emotional appeal into it. It is important to put in a lot of color to attract females. Females appeal to all five senses when they see bright colors, music, etc. While the male visualize things around him and females loves to experiment so they try everything to see them fit.

Rich and Poor: Poor people always wanting to make sure that...
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