Sugawn Chair Critique

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  • Published : December 4, 2011
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Anthony Geha
Mr. Mitchell

My Family’s Sugawn Chair
When I look around at people, and the way they act and respond to situations in life, I can’t help but wonder what it is that makes them act one way or another. Like complete asses in situations that don’t call for it, or other times when I feel like I can’t deal with something, there are those people who seem to have the patience of saints. I wonder if it is really the life they have lead and have been brought up to lead that crates their personalities for today. Does the fact that they have the warmest most loving supporting family make it easier for them to succeed in life? If there dad left when they were young, does it make it harder to trust people for them? Through the life I’ve lead myself; I’d have to believe that this is true. Now I can’t say that this is fact of course, but I will say that I’m sure if it was really thought upon, anyone could relate some aspect in their lives to how they were brought up. Then unfortunately as times passes as it surely will, you begin to lose people you love, people move, people pass away, family members divorce and move in different directions in life and nothing feels the same as it once did anymore. Even though this happens, you are still the person you are, on account of family and the values passed down to you. Though the times have changed, nothing in you has changed and you know the importance of the times past, then unspeakably and without warning, something triggers all those times in your mind and you can’t help but feel good. In the story “The Sugawn Chair” the boy ultimately loses his parents and is forced to sell things in the house, and move on and forge forward with his life. He then comes upon the chair that has been in the attic for years now and when he sees it he remembers and I think he can really feel the presence of his parents and he will probably keep the chair and tell stories...
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