Sugar vs Sweetener

Topics: Sugar, Sucralose, Cancer Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: December 6, 2007
Sugar vs. Sweeteners- What is the difference?

Here on forth, most people have sweet tooth. Most people like to ‘sweeten up' their beverages, foods or even baked goods. Since the major companies knows that the human taste buds crave for sweetness, manufacturers then start to add sugar or artificial sweeteners in the foods that we eat today. That being said, there are many differences between sugars and artificial sweeteners: so, which is better for us? Some may say natural and some may say artificial because natural is always the best, but at the same time there are side effects, and as for artificial sweeteners, they are not that much better. This is because natural sweeteners can cause many side effects such as diabetes, weight gain and rotting of the teeth as well (Unknown 26 February 2007). Furthermore, artificial sweeteners can cause many side effects such as the aspartame in which can cause brain tumor and saccharin may cause bladder cancer (Unknown 26 February 2007). With all these side effects to the sweeteners, people should be aware of their daily intakes of sugar.

The definitions of natural sweeteners are a form of carbohydrate that is used in the food and beverages industries (Unknown 26 February 2007), to have that ‘sweet taste' in the food and beverages that we humans intake each and everyday of our lives. Natural sweeteners mostly are derived from sugar canes and sugar beets. As for the definition of artificial sweeteners, it is the sugar substitute, which is a food additive in which attempts to duplicate the effect of sugar in taste and often has less food energy (Unknown 26 February 2007). The available artificial sweeteners may include aspartame and saccharin. As for the difference between the two sweeteners is quite obvious by names of the two sugars, natural sugar; naturally from mother nature, whereas artificial sugar are sugar that have been chemically produced with several chemicals to form the ‘sweet...
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